Wednesday, 10 February 2016

James Franco set to direct real life stripper Twitter tale

Just when you thought James Franco (As I Lay Dying) couldn't possibly add another directing job to his already bulging future slate he goes and confounds that idea. New arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that he is developing a wild true life tale called Zola Tells All as a potential new movie.

It all springs from a Rolling Stone article that chronicled stripper Aziah 'Zola' Wells' epic, tragic and weird road trip trip to Florida. Her tale was originally chronicled via her Twitter account, with 148 tweets spilling a story of meeting a woman named Jessica while working at Hooters in Detroit and heading to Florida with her, Jessica's boyfriend and Jessica's pimp, named only as 'Z'. Their trip devolves into a terrifying tale of prostitution, violence and crazed behaviour. There have even been people making fake movie trailers for the idea. Franco, however, is clearly thinking bigger.

Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts (King Kelly) are attached to write the script, which sounds a little like an even stranger take on Spring Breakers (2012), Harmony Korine's film that just so happened to feature one James Franco. Right now, however, the prolific actor/writer/producer/director/poet is busy making his latest film, The Disaster Artist, which follows another real life tale, the making of famously hackneyed misfire and now unintentional comedy classic The Room.

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