Tuesday, 9 February 2016

David Tennant filming R. D. Laing biopic Mad To Be Normal

David Tennant (Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire) may have messed with our minds on Jessica Jones, but he is sticking to slightly calmer psychological waters for a new drama. News arrives via Screen International that he is set to star starring alongside Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon, Elisabeth Moss (The One I Love) and Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment) in Robert Mullan's (Letters To Sofija) Mad To Be Normal.

Despite the title sounding a little like a dodgy romantic comedy, it is actually a biopic of world renowned Scottish psychiatrist Ronald David Laing and his colleagues at Kingsley Hall, East London in the 1960s. He pushed back against traditional theories of serious mental dysfunction, working from the idea that the expressed feelings of the individual patient or client were valid descriptions of lived experience rather than simply as symptoms of some separate or underlying disorder.

Robert Mullan, who has written several books on the man, penned the script and is directing, and this one has been bubbling away in development even before it was announced at the Cannes Film Festival last year. "I have long been fascinated by the life and work of R. D. Laing," Tennant told Screen International when the project was originally being promoted. "This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and discover this important man and I am honoured and thrilled to be involved in telling this story. Robert Mullan's passion for the subject is inspiring and the presence of the brilliant Elisabeth Moss makes this something I cannot wait to start work on." He no longer has to wait, as the film is now shooting.

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