Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Vin Diesel reveals more details about Riddick 4

Well known for his news announcements via social media, Vin Diesel took to Instagram recently to announce that he is turning his attention to another of his franchises, the Riddick films, and that both a TV series and a new movie are in the works.

Diesel has clearly been keeping busy building on the world created by David Twohy, and has launched a new TV division of his company to handle a show called Merc City. Which, according to the man himself, will follow the lives of mercenaries and bounty hunters who litter the Riddick universe.

And despite the relatively mild success of Riddick (2013) – $98 million worldwide from a $38 million budget – Diesel brings word that Twohy is at work on another, presumably low budget entry in the film series, this time called Furia, home planet of the growling antihero.

Taking to his usual news announcement forum Facebook, Vin Diesel revealed a few more details about Furia. In a video Diesel introduces returning director David Twohy and refers to the fourth Riddick film as an origin story, which certainly indicates that it will likely be on the larger scale of The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004), rather than the pared back level of Pitch Black (2000) and Riddick (2013).

He also suggests that a PG-13 rating might not be inappropriate for the new story, before Twohy growls that it will definitely be R. Shooting, Diesel thinks, will kick off at the start of 2017.

Whether either of these comes to pass remains to be seen – you could certainly see one of the many US cable channels picking up a TV spin-off of Riddick, but the movies remain less of a known quantity. Still, Diesel has the huge success of the Fast & Furious movies to back him up and can point to the overseas box office performance of even poor Stateside performers such as The Last Witch Hunter (2015) of proof that people will turn out to watch him on screen. As always, watch this space.

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