Friday, 22 January 2016

"Those are the steel claws of a tiger, Mr. President."

Bleeker Street have recently released their first trailer and one sheet for Liza Johnson's (Return) Elvis & Nixon.

Of all the roles the endlessly inventive Michael Shannon (The Iceman) might have played, we certainly never expected he would show up as Elvis Presley. But here he is, in all his jumpsuited glory for based on truth tale Elvis & Nixon.

The setting here is December 1970 as the King (Shannon) shows up at the gate of the White House to request a meeting with his Commander In Chief, Richard M. Nixon (Kevin Spacey). Turns out Presley wants Nixon to make him an undercover agent in the fight against Communism, and what happened after that would seem ridiculously made up if it wasn't for accounts in the White House archives and one of the most famous photographs of all time to document the event.

Shannon here looks to be on good, subtle form as Elvis, with Spacey relishing the chance to play a politician who doesn't talk to the camera.

Elvis & Nixon arrives in UK cinemas on 29 April.

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