Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sylvester Stallone has a Godfather: Part II style idea for Creed sequel

While the film only arrived on UK screens last week, Rocky spin-off Creed has already been drawing plenty of kudos with critics and American audiences alike. Now, talking to Variety, star and producer Sylvester Stallone has been spilling the beans on some potential sequel ideas.

Though it could just be Rocky himself spitballing possibilities, it certainly sounds like MGM Studios are ready to step back into the ring for another round with the world of Rocky Balboa, which in Creed finds the former boxer begrudgingly agreeing to train the son of old opponent and friend Apollo Creed.

"Ryan (Coogler) has some ideas of going forward and backward and actually seeing Rocky and Apollo together," Stallone revealed. "Think of The Godfather: Part II (1974). That's what he was thinking of, which was kind of ambitious." It certainly sounds like Stallone could be joking about that one – imagine trying to find people to play younger Rocky and Apollo, played in the franchise by Carl Weathers – but there is also the chance that the story could instead move on to another opponent for Michael B. Jordan's (Fruitvale Station) Adonis Creed. 

There is no official word yet on whether any of these potential ideas will hit the screen. One big issue is the involvement of writer and director Coogler, who came up with the idea for Creed and sold Stallone on the idea. He is currently in talks to direct Black Panther for Marvel, and that could affect his availability. "I know Ryan is probably going to be gone for a couple years," Stallone says. "So there will be a quandary on: Do we work with another director and have Ryan produce, or do we wait? There's a diminishing time acceptance of a sequel. Now they are cranking them out in a year."

When – or whether – the sequel arrives is a matter for Coogler, Stallone and MGM Studios to still figure out. Creed, meanwhile, is out in the UK now.

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