Friday, 22 January 2016

New one sheet for Zoolander 2 arrives online

Paramount Pictures have recently released their latest one sheet for Ben Stiller's Zoolander (2001) sequel Zoolander 2.

Dust off your Le Tigre because Derek Zoolander is making a comeback, once again directed by and starring Ben Stiller as the cerebrally challenged male model.

Of course, it has been a few years since Derek Zoolander was busy foiling Mugatu's foul schemes, dominating the fashion scene and advertising Aveda ("the essence of wetness") as a merman. Times have changed, his stock has fallen but he is no less lacking in blinding self-awareness.

Set 15 years after the original, Zoolander 2 finds Derek and best pal Hansel (Owen Wilson) trying to deal with a world that has seemingly moved on past them. Their lives have changed – not always for the better – and they are not best pleased.

And then there are other issues to deal with, including Derek's family – wife Matilda (Christine Taylor) and son Derek Jr. (Cyrus Arnold) – and the fact that they are not as young or as much in style as they used to be.

Stiller is once again directing, working from a script by Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder). The film has been shooting in Rome and features the return of Wilson, alongside Zealander veterans Christine Taylor and Will Ferrell as Mugatu, while also introducing new characters played by Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Penélope Cruz (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), with Cyrus Arnold as Derek Junior.

Zoolander 2 will arrive in cinemas 12 February.

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