Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New one sheet for Operation Avalanche arrives online

XYZ Film and Lionsgate have recently released their first one sheet for Matt Johnson's (The Dirties) upcoming film Operation Avalanche.

Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson caused quite a stir with his feature length debut The Dirties (2013), in which he starred with Owen Williams in a thriller that tackled the subject of high school shootings with daring and intelligence. His follow-up, Operation Avalanche, "investigates the truth behind the CIA's involvement in the space race" and promises to be just as invigorating as his debut.

Set in 1967, during the height of the Cold War and the global race to put a man on the moon, Operation Avalanche follows a team of young CIA operatives as they hatch a plan to root out a Russian spy who may be leaking information to the Soviets about NASA's Apollo Program. Going undercover as documentary filmmakers, the agents infiltrate Houston's NASA Space Centre to find the Russian mole. But once there, they discover a secret inside NASA that shakes up their initial operation. No longer setting out to capture the truth, they endeavour to fake it – by filming a moon landing that will fool the Soviets and the world.

Johnson is reuniting with his The Dirties team, including co-writer Josh Boles, co-star Owen Williams, and producer Matthew Miller. Lee Kim (The Conspiracy) has been added as a producer, and Nick Spicer will serve as executive producer for XYZ Films.

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