Monday, 21 December 2015

First look at Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys arrives online

Shane Black (Iron Man 3) has been hard at work on his latest film, 1970s set crime drama The Nice Guys, which features Russell Crowe (Noah) and Ryan Gosling (Drive). And now the first look at the two stars has emerged online, giving a glimpse at them in all their polyester glory.

"We needed costumes that still presented these guys with a sort of unfettered masculinity," says Black. "You wanted them to be sexy, not goofily representing the '70s. I think they look great in these '70s clothes. If anyone can rock these things, these two can pull it off."

The Nice Guys sees Gosling as down on his luck private eye Holland March, who crosses paths with hired muscle Jackson Healy (Crowe). These unlikely allies must prowl the mean streets of Los Angeles to solve the case of a missing girl, which soon develops links to the death of a porn star. As they unravel the cases, they discover a massive conspiracy reaching the highest levels of power. So what can we expect from the new film by the man behind Iron Man 3 (2013)? "It is an R-rated film and it's a caper," explains Black. "It's a little fast, a little funny and a little rough in places, kind of coarse. These guys are working-class dudes, they're not really sophisticated private detectives, so it's a chance to do the kind of thriller I don't see too much of anymore."

If that sounds a little bit like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), you're not alone, and Black even labels the film a spiritual sequel. "It retains the harshness of the world and gives a nod that we're very much in noir territory," Black says. "It's a little bit pushed – the premise, the time period, everything is a little crazy." With Matt Bomer (In Time), Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers), Kim Basinger (L.A. Confidential) and Ty Simpkins (Jurassic World) also part of the cast, The Nice Guys will be staking out UK cinemas from 3 June next year.

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