Thursday, 26 November 2015

Willem Dafoe joins Dog Eat Dog

Hoping that his new crime thriller has better luck than his last movie, the creatively difficult and frustrating Dying Of The Light (2014), Paul Schrader is bulking up the cast as he continues shooting in Cleveland. Willem Dafoe (The Grand Budapest Hotel) has joined Nicolas Cage (Kick-Ass) in Dog Eat Dog.

Adapted by the director and Matt Wilder (Your Name Here) from Eddie Bunker's book, Dog Eat Dog follows three criminals and former convicts who are hired to pull off a kidnapping. But when the job goes horribly wrong, the trio find themselves on the run on dangerous streets in Los Angeles, unsure of who they can trust, but vowing that they won't be going back to prison.

Schrader has also conjured up some rough art for the film, which can be seen here. "We're doing something bold here in Cleveland and I wanted to get away from the generic Nic Cage artwork of the past several years," he says. "I got burned last time. This time I've got final cut." Burned, of course, refers to his experience on Dying Of The Light, which saw both the director and Cage quit after the producers took the film away from him. The new one should be out next year.

Dafoe, meanwhile, has several films heading our way including What Happened To Monday?, The Headhunter's Calling and Yimou Zhang's (House Of Flying Daggers) The Great Wall, which lands here on 6 January 2017.

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