Saturday, 21 November 2015

New character one sheets for Dad's Army arrive online

Universal Pictures have recently released their first batch of character one sheets for Oliver Parker's (Johnny English Reborn) Dad's Army.

It has been a while since Mr Hitler crossed swords with Walmington-on-Sea's finest – the last episode of Dad's Army aired in 1977 – but the khaki clad codgers are back in action and desperate to prove they are more than remainder stock while the British Army is out giving the Nazis what for.

If the recent trailers are anything to go by, they certainly look to have captured the spirit of the show, with its bumbling Home Guard patrol forever doing their best to keep wartime Britain safe while never quite getting it right. The big test, of course, will be the film itself, but there are certainly decent signs here, with Toby Jones in particular finding a take on Captain Mainwaring that doesn't copy Arthur Lowe's impeccable original, but echoes it.

Oliver Parker is directing the remake of the classic Jimmy Perry/David Croft sitcom, which features a wide array of big British talent including Toby Jones (as Captain George Mainwaring himself), Bill Nighy (as Sergeant Arthur Wilson), Michael Gambon (as Private Godfrey), Tom Courtenay (as Corporal Jones), Bill Paterson (as Private Frazer), Daniel Mays, (as Private Walker) and Blake Harrison (as Private Pike). The cast also includes the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones (The Terminal), Sarah Lancashire (When Did You Last See Your Father?), Alison Steadman (Life Is Sweet) and Mark Gatiss (Sherlock).

Dad's Army hits the cinematic beaches on 5 February 2016.

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