Monday, 30 November 2015

Julie Ann Emery joins Chris Evans in Gifted

After cropping up in films such as Hitch (2005) and Nothing But The Truth (2008), Julie Ann Emery has been enjoying more substantial roles on TV, including Masters Of Sex and Better Call Saul. Emery will be back on the big screen next year, however, with news arriving via The Wrap that she is joining Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger) in custody battle drama Gifted.

Marc Webb is using the film as his first directorial assignment since the two Amazing Spider-Man movies. Written by Tom Flynn (Watch It), Gifted is a drama about Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a deliberate underachiever, who is raising his niece Mary (McKenna Grace), in rural Florida. When he enrols her in school for the first time, she is labelled as gifted. All Frank wants is for Mary to have a normal life, but standing in his way is her grandmother, his mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), and the dilemma that he doesn't have custody of Mary. So being proactive for once, he sues to win that custody.

Emery's role isn't specified, but she joins a cast that already includes Octavia Spencer, reuniting with her Snowpiercer (2013) co-star to play his landlady and friend, and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child), as Mary's teacher, who also sees something in Frank.

Webb is rolling the cameras now ready for a 2016 release.

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