Sunday, 22 November 2015

Johnny Depp set to star in Fortunately, The Milk for Edgar Wright

There was already quite the pop culture collision when news emerged in 2012 that Edgar Wright (The World's End) had agreed to direct Johnny Depp (Alice In Wonderland) in a film version of supernatural mystery TV series The Night Stalker. While that has yet to find its way to screens, news arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that they are teaming up for a different project that adds another big name causing ripples – Neil Gaiman and his book Fortunately, The Milk.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox are eagerly looking to get in on the project, which would be a blend of live action and animation that expands upon Gaiman's fun 2014 bestseller. The story, illustrated in the book by Skottie Young, concerns a father caring for his young son and daughter while their mother is away on business. Discovering they are out of milk one morning, he heads to the local shop, but returns hours later with a fantastical tale involving time travel, pirates, aliens, a volcano god and a stegosaurus in a hot air balloon. Just your average shopping trip, then.

And the enticing project features another person whose name usually means quality entertainment – Bret McKenzie, who is writing the adaptation and, we would surely hope, one or two songs given his background in Flight Of The Conchords and his Academy Award® for The Muppets (2011).

Depp is looking to star and produce, but we will likely have to wait for this one as all involved are busy. Wright has crime caper Baby Driver in pre-production, Depp is next on screen here in Black Mass, which arrives 27 November 27 and has worked on Kevin Smith's (Clerks) Yoga Hosers, Alice In Wonderland (2010) sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass and the fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean outing. McKenzie, meanwhile, has several projects on the go, including a potential Flight Of The Conchords movie.

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