Thursday, 26 November 2015

First trailer and one sheet for Charlie Kaufman's Anomalisa arrives online

Universal Pictures have recently released their first trailer and one sheet for Charlie Kaufman's (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind) animated feature Anomalisa.

Charlie Kaufman's films have always offered critical peeks at the human condition, usually with a mixture of bizarre comedy and sombre reflection. Kaufman's latest, which sees him tackling animated drama, certainly appears to drill into that same well of emotion.

Our nominal hero for this story is Michael Stone (voiced by David Thewlis), a man famous in inspirational speaking circles, visiting Los Angeles on business. After landing at the airport, and heading to the hotel, he encounters a variety of other characters, including an emotional old flame named Donna and the charming, introverted Lisa (voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh). Everyone he meets will have an impact on him before he delivers a keynote speech. Naturally, this being Kaufman, there are many layers lurking beneath that seemingly quiet surface, and the director (who worked with Duke Johnson on the film after raising funds to make it on Kickstarter), has several fascinating twists on the usual animated fair. Take, for example, the fact that pretty much everyone bar Lisa and Michael are seemingly identical characters with only hairstyle and gender to separate them. Or that they are all voiced by Tom Noonan (Heat)...

Anomalisa has been drawing plenty of praise after playing the festival circuit, and is being talked about as a potential awards contender.

Anomalisa arrives in the UK on 11 March next year.

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