Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Elizabeth Banks officially directing Pitch Perfect 3

After the huge, $259 million plus box office haul of Pitch Perfect 2, another entry was aca-inevitable. Less certain was whether director/producer/actor Elizabeth Banks would return for another crack behind and in front of the camera, given that she was being offered other high profile jobs. But news arrives via Variety that she is sticking with the franchise she helped create, signing on to call the shots and songs for the third outing. 

And she will have plenty of familiar faces around her, as Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow are all confirmed to return, alongside writer Kay Cannon, who is already at work on the third script. As for what will happen in the film? No one is saying yet, though they will have to find some way to have Kendrick's Beca and Wilson's Fat Amy come back since they – spoiler warning – graduated at the end of the latest movie. Still, we are sure there is an easy enough way to have the characters able to interact with whoever else is hired, and there is always a chance we will have more from Hailee Steinfeld's Emily.

Banks is in demand as a director right now, and is currently attached to make young adult adaptation Red Queen for Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures' latest attempt to bring Charlie's Angels back to the big screen. Both of those still have some developing to do, though, and the Pitch Perfect universe is ready to go. Not forgetting that Universal are hoping to have the film in cinemas on 4 August 2017...

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