Sunday, 20 September 2015

"There is evil in the wood."

A24 Films have recently released their first trailer and one sheet for Robert Eggers' feature debut The Witch.

The stylish and haunting period horror is set in New England in 1630, where William (Ralph Ineson) and Katherine's (Kate Dickie) strictly devout life sees them largely shunned by their fellow colonials. The family moves to a remote plot of land on the edge of a forest rumoured to be controlled by witches and before long strange things start to happen. Animals turn against them, crops fail, and one of their children disappears, only to be returned seemingly possessed by evil spirits.

As paranoia and recrimination rise, fingers point at the couple's teenage daughter Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), who is accused of witchcraft even as the family begins to fall apart and finds both their love and faith tested.

Eggers, who wrote and directed, made the leap from working on short films and serving in the art, production design and costume departments of other movies, bringing his keen eye for visuals to the film, and giving it a genuinely unnerving feel. There is no word on when it will hit screens either in the US or over here, but we can expect it some time next year.

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