Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Taron Egerton in talks for Robin Hood: Origins

A new take on the Robin Hood legend has several major studios in an arms race to bring a movie into cinemas first. Lionsgate are taking an early lead with news arriving via Deadline that the studio want Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) as the man in Lincoln Green, and early talks have started.

Deadline cautions that 'early' is the key word here, and both sides are nowhere close to a deal. But should he finally sign on the dotted line, Egerton will be playing a take on Sherwood Forest's finest outlaw in a film scripted originally by Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur writer Joby Harold,
who has crafted a story that is set to show how the title character returned from the Crusades to discover Sherwood Forest and the surrounding area teeming with crime and corruption. So he forms a group of outlaws and becomes a force for good.

Award winning TV director Otto Bathurst, a veteran of shows such as Luthor and Peaky Blinders, is the man charged with the tough task of making this distinct from the many previous incarnations. Lionsgate are promising this will be a "gritty reboot" but we will wait and see how different it really is.

Egerton has been in demand since his breakout with Kingsman: The Secret Service. He will next be seen starring alongside Tom Hardy (Inception) in Legend, due 11 September, and ski jump sports biopic Eddie The Eagle, which has a reported US release date of 29 April, but no confirmed UK release date as yet.

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