Sunday, 20 September 2015

Patrick Stewart discusses Wolverine 3

We have known since February that Patrick Stewart's Professor Xavier would likely feature in the third standalone Wolverine movie. Now, out on the promotional circuit for Blunt Talk, he as been fielding the inevitable questions, and giving some revealing answers.

"There is a project in development," he tells Collider. "I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however, and that intrigues me. And the idea of an old Wolverine – I'm really looking forward to Hugh Jackman getting old. Damn him, he looks so great! So I'm hoping to see him covered in prosthetics, and then he'll make me look better if that's the case."

That would certainly appear to confirm that the widely rumoured Old Man Logan storyline from Mark Millar's comics has at least been discussed in Stewart's presence. That tale involves several Marvel characters that 20th Century Fox don't own the rights to, but it is more than possible that Professor X could provide a heavyweight replacement. "Wolverine and Professor Xavier," Stewart mused at the start of this year. "That would be a very different sort of X-Men from the four movies that I've already done."

The as yet untitled third solo Wolverine – Jackman's last hurrah in the role – has James Mangold (The Wolverine) directing, and a screenplay by Michael Green (Green Lantern). It currently has a release date of 2 March 2017.

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