Sunday, 20 September 2015

New one sheet for Joy arrives online

20th Century Fox have recently released their first one sheet for David O. Russell's (American Hustle) Joy.

Director David O. Russell has reunited his Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and American Hustle (2013) stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for his latest drama Joy.

Like their last pairing, American Hustle, Russell and Lawrence have teamed up to tell a true life story. Here the actress steps into the shoes of Joy Mangano, a single mum with three kids whose genius for invention and appetite for hard work combined to see her pioneer the Miracle Mop. Bradley Cooper plays a Home Shopping Network executive who helps Joy on the path to fame and future, while Robert De Niro (Heat) plays her dad and Édgar Ramírez (The Bourne Ultimatum) her feckless ex-husband.

"Working on his sets is like the Olympics of acting," Lawrence effused in Entertainment Weekly of reuniting with director. "Everything moves so fast. It's like watching someone do a giant abstract painting or sculpture and you go, 'Where is this going?' And then all of a sudden you're like, 'Oh, it's a Pegasus. It's beautiful!'"

With Isabella Rossellini (Infamous), Diane Ladd (Inland Empire) and Virginia Madsen (Sideways) also aboard, Joy will hit UK cinemas on 1 January next year.

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