Sunday, 20 September 2015

New character one sheets for Sicario arrive online

Lionsgate have just released their first batch of character one sheet for Denis Villeneuve's (Prisoners) cartel crime thriller Sicario.

Sicario – Mexican slang for hitman – is set on the lawless border between the United States and its southern neighbour, where some of the most violent battles of the drug war are fought. Dropped into this near literal trial by fire is idealistic FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), who has been recruited by shadowy elite government agent Matt (Josh Brolin).

Heading across the border with an enigmatic consultant (Benicio Del Toro), Kate and her team start a journey that will have her questioning everything she knows about good and bad and witnessing the many shades of grey that lie in between what she previously thought were black and white issues. And when she becomes convinced she has to expose what is really going on, things become even more dangerous for her.

This promises to be a compelling thriller with standout performances from Blunt and her co-stars. The film, which features a script by Taylor Sheridan, is out the US now and arrives in the UK on 9 October.

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