Saturday, 19 September 2015

Jack Reacher sequel set to start shooting in November

Jack Reacher (2012), much like Oblivion (2013) and Edge Of Tomorrow (2014), didn't quite do the business expected of its megastar headliner Tom Cruise. A sequel, despite the obvious franchise potential of the multiple Lee Child source novels, wasn't a foregone conclusion, although rumblings began in May that it was starting to look possible, with Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai) in the director's chair.

Now, with the success of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation reassuring everyone that Cruise's mojo is still intact, studio Paramount Pictures are pushing ahead, with shooting on Jack Reacher 2 earmarked for November this year, for a release in late 2016.

Paramount are also keen to keep on striking while the Mission: Impossible iron is hot, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that the studio want the sixth instalment shooting next summer, for a June or July release in 2017.

Back when Jack Reacher 2 was first mooted, the plan looked to be an adaptation of Never Go Back, Child's eighteenth Reacher novel published on 2013. That plot would see Reacher heading back to his old military base in Virginia, to be charged with a violent incident and faced with a paternity case, neither of which transgression he remembers. Richard Wenk (The Equalizer) had been working on the screenplay, but it is now being re-written by Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz (The Last Samurai). So the final thrust remains to be seen.

With Cruise and Doug Liman's (Edge Of Tomorrow) drug smuggling DEA drama Mena almost wrapped but not due to come out until the beginning of 2017, we are potentially looking at a triple dose of Cruiser vehicles released in a single year. Are Paramount Pictures making a mistake putting their faith in '90s style star power when, these days, it is clearly intellectual property rather than people that dictate box office success? Only time will tell.

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