Sunday, 20 September 2015

Disney announces Gigantic

While a lot of what the Walt Disney Feature Animation team showed at this years D23 convention event was for films we already knew something about, it was left to Gigantic to be almost completely new. Tangled (2010) director Nathan Greno and producer Dorothy McKim (Meet The Robinsons) introduced our first look at the film.

And while it had been lurking on IMDB for a while under the title Giants, the movie's first official synopsis and character information was announced, along with the fact that Frozen (2013) song writing duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez will be providing the music.

Set in Spain during the age of exploration (somewhere roughly between the 15th and 17th century), this new take on Jack And The Beanstalk finds adventure seeking Jack heading into the clouds in what starts as a fairly traditional take on the fairy tale. But things soon change when he meets Inma, an 11-year-old girl who just so happens to be 60 feet tall and part of a world filled with giants. No single castle and ill-tempered fee-fi-fo-fum here – this is a land populated with giants of all stripes and sizes, mostly huge.

Most dangerous among them are the Storm Giants, and it will be these villains that the tiny Jack, along with his giant new friend will have to deal with. But not before Inma – based, Greno revealed, on a girl they met while on a research trip to Spain – has made his life briefly a misery, since he is roughly the size of a doll to her. Still, they do eventually become friends and Greno admitted he wanted to make sure the story carried a variety of emotions. He showed some initial concept art and animatics before bringing Lopez and Anderson-Lopez up to sing a song that is a work in progress from the film, which itself had its own storyboards.

Gigantic is scheduled to arrive in cinemas in 2018.

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