Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Young adult adaptation Steelheart gets a writer

When it comes to adapting dystopian young adult science fiction novels for the screen, Lionsgate currently rule the roost with two blockbuster franchises in The Hunger Games and Divergent. 20th Century Fox, however, remain keen to get in on the act. They have already got The Maze Runner successfully underway, and now news arrives via Deadline that they are now looking to add Steelheart, based on The Reckoners book series by Brandon Sanderson. Carter Blanchard (Independence Day: Resurgence) is taking a crack at the screenplay, while Shawn Levy (Real Steel) is producing and with a view to potentially direct.

Sanderson is a prolific fantasy author, boasting any number of his own series, and the completion of The Wheel Of Time following the death of Robert Jordan. Steelheart was published in 2013, and sets up a society in which super beings are the bad guys.

These Epics received their superpowers in a freak natural event, but decided to use them to rule and enslave, creating a world where there are only supervillains and no superheroes. Resistance comes in the form of the Reckoners – ordinary humans dedicated to finding the Epics weaknesses and assassinating them. Our protagonist is David, who wants to join the Reckoners due to a personal grudge against the Epics' powerful ruler – the titular Steelheart himself.

Daria Cerek will join Levy in overseeing the project for 20th Century Fox, along with Will Rack of production company 21 Laps (Story Of Your Life). With the writing only just begun, there is no start date yet, but if Steelheart becomes a success, there are already more places for sequels to go – part two, Firefight, was published this year. Both instalments are available in the UK from Gollancz.

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