Sunday, 26 July 2015

Spider-Man's Jon Watts sets up new movie

After working away for years on short films and smaller projects, including upcoming thriller Cop Car, writer/director Jon Watts (Clown) exploded into the spotlight last month when he was selected by Sony Pictures and Marvel to direct the companies' new take on Spider-Man. While the superhero movie will keep him busy for a while, he is still setting up other projects, including an untitled film for financial backers/production company End Cue.

According to Deadline, the idea, which is for now known as The Untitled Urban Explorers Film, is apparently a young adult adventure that sees its characters travelling under the streets of New York's Lower East Side. Watts will write the script with Cop Car collaborator Christopher Ford, and the project was nabbed by the company, which also backed Cop Car, before the big Spider-Man announcement.

Of course, there is every chance the End Cue team will have to wait to see the new project realised. Superhero movie directors often find themselves pressed into the service of sequels before they get a chance to work on anything, as Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man) discovered. Still, US audiences will see Cop Car on 7 August (there is no UK release date as yet) and the first of the new non-origin story Spider-Man films, with Tom Holland (The Impossible) as Peter Parker, is set for 28 July 2017.

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