Thursday, 23 July 2015

New trailer for David O. Russell's Joy arrives online

20th Century Fox have just released their first trailer for David O. Russell's (American Hustle) Joy.

Director David O. Russell has reunited his Silver Linings Playbook (2012) and American Hustle (2013) stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for his latest drama Joy.

This one certainly looks to be Lawrence's movie and sees her play real life inventor Joy Mangano, a mum with three kids to raise and only her wit, ingenuity and patent pioneering smarts to help her do it. Before long, rather than watching the Home Shopping Network, she is starring on it.

Russell loves plumbing dysfunctional families for comedy and pathos, whether the surrogate kind (Three Kings) or the real deal (The Fighter). This one looks like no exception.

With Robert De Niro (Heat) playing Joy's dad, Édgar Ramírez (The Bourne Ultimatum) her feckless husband and Isabella Rossellini (Infamous), Diane Ladd (Inland Empire) and Virginia Madsen (Sideways) also aboard, Joy will hit UK cinemas on 1 January next year.

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