Saturday, 25 July 2015

New red band trailer for Sinister 2 arrives online

Entertainment One have recently released their red band trailer for Ciarán Foy's (Citadel) Sinister 2.

Sinister 2 is set after the events of the first film, but switches the point of view to Shannyn Sossamon's (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) protective mother Courtney, who has moved to a rural farmhouse with her twin boys. But then strange things start to happen. Because, as she will soon discover, a family was brutally murdered in the place she now lives, which is all tied to a mysterious, ghoulish bogeyman that feeds of the corruption of children and has a legion of scary spirit kids who lurk about the place.

"The mythology in the second film is explored more in terms of the mechanics of how Bughuul's curse works," Foy explained to Empire magazine recently. "You find out a little bit more about him and how he operates: the mythology in terms of the kill films and the meaning behind them as sacrificial offerings is expanded upon. There’s a new character called Stomberg, who imparts some new information..."

There's no Ethan Hawke this time, with Sossamon, James Ransone (Inside Man) and Tate Ellington (Remember Me) leading the adult cast, and Dartanian Sloan (Hick), Caden M. Fritz, Jaden Klein (Mother's Milk) and a spooky looking Lucas Jade Zumann among the kids.

Sinister 2 arrives on our screens from 21 August.

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