Monday, 27 July 2015

New one sheet for Bridge Of Spies arrives online

20th Century Fox have recently released their latest trailer and one sheet for Steven Spielberg's (Lincoln) Cold War thriller Bridge Of Spies.

Bridge Of Spies is based on the true life tale of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), an insurance lawyer who was pushed headfirst into the Cold War during the 1960s when he had to negotiate for the release of downed U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers (Austin Stowell) after the airman was shot down over Russia. Mark Rylance (Anonymous) co-stars as Rudolf Abel, a suspected KGB spy who was defended by Donovan in a US courtroom in 1957, and is, thanks to back channel negotiation, the likely swap for Powers in a deal with the Soviets. It is an agreement that doesn't exactly sit well for America at large, and Donovan feels the brunt of the protests.

Bridge Of Spies boasts a screenplay begun by Matt Charman (Suite Française) and overhauled by the Coen brothers (Inside Llewyn Davis). The title as it now stands refers to the popular Cold War nickname for what's now the Glienicke Bridge connecting Wannsee and Potsdam – East and West Germany at the time the film is set. Its official name then was the Bridge Of Unity, but it garnered its alternate moniker due to its notoriety as a prisoner exchange point for Western and Soviet powers.

Bridge Of Spies will be on UK screens 9 October before heading to the US on 16 October.

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