Saturday, 25 July 2015

Joe Wright discusses Pan footage

Pan director Joe Wright (Atonement) followed up his San Diego Comic Con appearance last week by unveiling his first foray into blockbuster scale movie making to a UK audience, revealing an ambitious new take on an well known story. Less daunted by the Peter Pan iterations that had gone before, than as he was "taking on a film with this scale and using CGI, which I've never done before," he admitted. Wright went on to described Pan as "a love letter" to the source material rather than a straight adaptation.

The footage not only confirmed the film's origin story approach – how Peter (Levi Miller) gets to Neverland and how Hook (Garrett Hedlund) becomes the nefarious Captian Hook – it also showed his twists on the tale, setting it during World War Two (flying galleons versus Spitfires!), getting Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine) to push himself to new dark and crazy places as the evil Blackbeard, feeding in contemporary elements (the Lost Boys singing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'), and bringing his own bold, colourful style to the spectacle (one fight sequence takes place on a huge trampoline).

"It's a world as envisaged by a boy," Wright explained of his unique aesthetic. "A pre-pubescent boy, so it's not about all that teenage cool. I tried very hard not to make anything cool!" At the same time, he rooted everything in real world locations, like Mexican crystal caves, Vietnam, the jungles of the Congo, which, he said, "we could then exaggerate."

As to why a serious, grown-up filmmaker would want to take on a famliy film, he cited his own son as an inspiration, while half apologetically adding that in making it he discovered his "own inner child." Yet, he adds, "it's quite a mischievous film. There's quite a lot of silliness that will appeal to adults. It's quite anarchic, it's quite open-hearted. With a bit of Nirvana in it... for the dads!"

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