Monday, 20 July 2015

Duncan Jones set to make Mute before Warcraft release

During his meteoric ascent through the filmmaking ranks, Duncan Jones has had one itch that he has yet to scratch. Mute, a small science fiction noir that was shaping up to be the director's homage to his beloved Blade Runner (1982), slipped away as he shifted gears from Moon (2009) to Source Code (2011) and now onto Warcraft. Now though, in an interview with Empire magazine, Jones revealed that Mute is finally back on his agenda.

"Dark Horse and Glenn Fabry and myself have been working on the graphic novel for [Mute] for years now – literally years – and there's a very good chance, if I can squeeze [it in] in these 11 months, that you'll see the film before you see the graphic novel."

That period, of course, represents the gap between Warcraft being locked (which is now only a few effects shots away) and its release in June 2016. It is a hiatus that promises Jones the chance to return to a passion project set in a future Berlin. "It's 11 months to sneak in my little indie sci-fi before Warcraft comes out," as he put it. "I got Moon done in 11 months."

Back when it first surfaced, Jones and co-writer Mike Johnson's (Sherlock Holmes) story revolved around a mute bartender who finds himself lifted while out searching for his missing girlfriend. The villains were a pair of comedians. How much, if at all, it has changed in the interim remains to be seen.

Back in late 2009, Jones' production company Liberty Films shared this piece of early concept art showing an intriguing future cityscape replete with hover cars and ominous looking heavies. Since then, those Hollywood projects have kept his slate full. Could this be Mute's moment? As always, watch this space.

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