Sunday, 26 July 2015

Disney planning live action take on Aladdin

Following in the footsteps of Alice In Wonderland (2010), Maleficent (2014), Cinderella and the currently filming Beauty And The Beast, Walt Disney Pictures have raided the archives for yet another animated classic to turn into a live action adventure. News arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that the Mouse House are set to give Aladdin (1992) the Maleficent treatment with a prequel that looks to tell the Genie's story called, to almost no one's surprise, Genies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney have Damien Shannon and Mark Swift (Friday The 13th) in the early stages of writing a film that shows how the Genie – famously voiced in the 1992 animated feature by Robin Williams – got into the lamp in the first place.

We are promised a voyage into the realm of the magical beings and an explanation for the character's circumstances, which given that he ends up enslaved and squished into a lamp, probably aren't all that great to begin with. And, as the trade paper reports, if Genies works, it will be the prelude to an Aladdin live action film, though trying to recapture that particular magic seems like a much riskier proposition.

This is just the latest in the company's attempts to re-engineer all of their animated fare into updated interpretations including relatively straightforward efforts such as Cinderella and the upcoming Beauty And The Beast and films that want to explore a different aspect of the story, including the recently revealed Prince Charming, which will apparently look at the character's less fortunate brother.

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