Thursday, 23 July 2015

Comic Con 2015: Fantastic Four panel

Ignore all the online rumours surrounding Josh Trank (Chronicle) not getting on with his Fantastic Four team – he was on fine form for the film's San Diego Comic Con panel, wearing a Nintendo controller cap as he sat next to co-writer/producer Simon Kinberg and their cast, Miles Teller (Whiplash) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Kate Mara (127 Hours) as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman, Jamie Bell (The Adventures Of Tintin) as Ben Grimm/The Thing and Toby Kebbell (War Horse) as Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom.

"I've loved The Fantastic Four since I was a kid," said Trank, who sees the film as a "prequel" to the established Fantastic Four team, best known for their all-blue skintight suits. "After we made Chronicle, I wanted to tackle the same subject again in a different way. I wanted to explore a side of these characters we haven't seen before." And that vision? "A more grounded, dramatic, character-driven story," writer Simon Kinberg continued. "More science than science fiction."

To demonstrate what he was talking about, the new and final trailer showed off some of that origin story – it opens with a young Reed Richards frying the national grid with his teleportation device – before giving the fans something they haven't seen yet – the team actually fighting Doctor Doom. "He's more powerful than any of them," says Teller, "but not as powerful as all of them."

"It's not just people blowing things up," added Teller. Mara, meanwhile, explained that she had originally been drawn in by the family focus of this adaptation. "We're trying to make these superheroes feel as relatable as possible. You get to know who Sue is before she has all these powers."

"This incarnation of Ben Grimm could be any kid in any town in America," adds The Thing himself, Jamie Bell. "He has one friend – Reed Richards – and he's a bit directionless when you meet him. He becomes the best version of a hero: one who looks out for his friends. He's the muscle of the group and I consider him the heart of the group too."

"He's led by ego," explained Kebbell of his supervillain, Doctor Doom. "Reed Richards may be a little bit better than him, so he wants to destroy him." Certainly makes sense to us.

You can watch the full Comic Con 2015: Fantastic Four panel below.

Fantastic Four is out in the UK on August 6.

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