Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brad Peyton in talks for Rampage

It looks as though the adaptation of cult 1980s game Rampage is turning into a real reunion for the team behind this year's San Andreas. News arrives via Deadline that director Brad Peyton is now in talks to direct and produce the movie, which has Dwayne Johnson set to star.

This arguably makes sense. As ridiculous as the action thriller was, San Andreas has become one of the box office hits of the year to date with more than $460 million globally and the biggest film Warner Bros have released so far this year. It might not be up there with the likes of Jurassic World, but clearly New Line sees value in keeping the team, which also includes producer Beau Flynn, together for more action based destruction.

Those of a certain age will remember feeding coins into the arcade cabinet (and later playing at home) to control three giant monsters – George (a giant gorilla), Lizzie (a huge lizard) and Ralph (a raging werewolf), who were normal humans until they were the subject of experiments by the nefarious Scumlabs and turned into their monstrous forms.

The game largely involved you punching buildings to rubble, swatting at tanks and helicopters and noshing on random humans. Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) has come up with a way to turn that into a film, though exactly what the story will be remains a closely guarded secret. Still, Deadline reports that we can expect Johnson going up against the three creatures as they smash their way through cities. Assuming all goes to plan, the intention is to film this one once Johnson has worked on Fast & Furious 8, with a Rampage release pencilled in for 2017.

Peyton has yet to lock down another job following San Andreas, but he has several projects in development including a third Journey outing and a film featuring DC Comics' miscreant Lobo that is likely on hold thanks to Warner Bros' big Justice League plans.

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