Sunday, 28 June 2015

First clip from Everyone's Going To Die arrives online

Offbeat and beguiling British comedy Everyone's Going To Die, the feature debut of directing collective Jones, is hard to describe and so probably just needs to be watched.

It's the story of Ray (Rob Knighton), who arrives in Folkestone to do a dubious job, dressed like a fancy dress gangster from Reservoir Dogs (1992), and forms an unlikely – but convincing – connection with a young German woman called Melanie (Nora Tschirner).

"The film gets quite a lot of different descriptions from the different festivals it's been in or every reviewer," says Michael Woodward, one half of Jones. "We had 'existentialist crime rom-com'," chips in Max Barron, the other part of the puzzle. "It's about a guy and a girl both having a bit of a difficult time and they meet up and they're able to help each other out. It's kind of a platonic romance."

The directors – who are apparently down to earth and unpretentious, despite what one might expect from interviewing a 'collective' – met in advertising and have made a debut that echoes Breathless (1960), Lost In Translation (2003) and Before Sunset (2004), yet feels distinctly like its own thing.

You can check out the trailer below.

Everyone's Going To Die is out now.

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