Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ouija summons up a sequel

Stiles White made his directorial debut last year with the team horror Ouija, and while it may not have spoken to the critics much, it certainly managed to manifest a healthy box office haul. It beat John Wick (2014) to the top of the charts on its opening weekend and boasts just under $100m at the global box office. Now news arrives via Bloody Disgusting that Universal Pictures have decided to break out the Ouija board again.

The first film starred Olivia Cooke, and White himself wrote the screenplay with his regular cohort Juliet Snowden (Knowing). In an intriguing change, however, the sequel will be working from a screenplay by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard, who were behind the rather excellent Oculus (2014). Perhaps this will be one of those rare occasions when a follow-up drastically improves on its predecessor. It is unclear at this stage, however, whether Flanagan is interested in directing Ouija 2.

Elsewhere the roster is the same, with Universal Pictures joining forces with Michael Bay's (Pain & Gain) Platinum Dunes, Jason Blum's Blumhouse and toy company Hasbro. Incredibly, despite its sinister reputation and its ancient origins as something supposedly genuine, the version of the Ouija board most people know today is actually a variant of a commercial board game. Hasbro own it. Transformers, My Little Pony, Ouija. Which is the greater of these evils?

Director and cast have still to be thrashed out through the medium of an independently ambulatory glass with poor spelling. But a release date is already in place, with Ouija 2 set to arrive on 21 October 2016. Just in time for Halloween then.

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