Sunday, 17 May 2015

Michael Green rewriting the latest Wolverine solo outing

While it looked as though director James Mangold (The Wolverine) would focus his attention on book adaptation The Deep Blue Good-By before heading back into comic book territory for another Wolverine film, events have conspired to take that previous project out of contention for now. News arrives via The Wrap that he will be turning his attention to Hugh Jackman's Logan, and will definitely need a script for the film. Green Lantern (2011) co-writer Michael Green is aboard to help make that happen.

Green has been somewhat in demand of late, particularly by Ridley Scott (Prometheus), who had him work on both the Blade Runner sequel (which Denis Villeneuve will direct) and the second Prometheus (2012) film, which Scott himself is developing to potentially direct. His background also includes work on TV shows such as Smallville and Heroes, so between Green Lantern and those, he clearly has experience of superheroes. 

Nothing is known about the new Wolverine's plot, although Mangold and Jackman have been swapping ideas and now Green will be the man to try to bring them to life on paper. Jackman has said repeatedly that this will represent his final time donning the claws, and if that stays true, all involved will want to make sure this is a solid swansong for the actor's time playing the hairy mutant hero.

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