Sunday, 19 April 2015

Vin Diesel teases more Kurt Russell in Fast & Furious 8

Speaking to Empire magazine recently, Vin Diesel said that he wouldn't be indulging his predilection for enthusiastic future sequel speculation on this occasion – the tragic loss of Paul Walker meant that, for now, unusually, Furious 7 would end on a full stop rather than an ellipsis. It seems he can't help himself, however, since he has just dropped some possible Fast & Furious 8 details to Jimmy Kimmel.

"I always think of these films as multiple pictures at a time," says Vin. "Kurt Russell came in for this movie, but we really hired him for a story that follows this, that takes place in New York."

Russell plays the mysterious G-Man referring to himself as "Mr Nobody" in Furious 7, hiring Dom and his crew for a mission to steal a McGuffin. So it sounds as if he has more work in store for them, in which he may be more actively involved...

Fast & Furious 7 is out now.

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