Friday, 24 April 2015

Michael Sheen set for In High Places

News arrived via Screen International recently that Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) is set to play British climber George Mallory in upcoming biopic In High Places, billed as the first film to tell the full story of the tragic mountaineer.

Joining Sheen in the film are Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Wmpire), playing Mallory's wife Ruth and Andrew Scott (Sherlock), who is set as fellow climber Noel Odell. James McEachen is directing the film from his own script, which will chronicle the story of the 1920s explorer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Everest.

During the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition, Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew 'Sandy' Irvine both disappeared on the North-East ridge during their attempt to make the first ascent of the world's highest mountain. The pair were last seen when they were about 800 vertical feet (245m) from the summit.

Mallory's ultimate fate was unknown for 75 years, until his body was discovered on 1 May 1999 by an expedition that had set out to search for the climbers' remains. Whether Mallory and Irvine reached the summit of Everest before they died remains a subject of speculation and continuing research.

"I have been fascinated by George Mallory for as long as I can remember," explains McEachen. "That led directly to my own Himalayan climbs in the 90's, including leading an expedition to 27,766 foot Makalu in 1992.

"It was this direct experience that gave me a deep-seated respect for the bold imagination and war-hardened bravery that Mallory and his companions displayed in their quest for the summit of Everest, long before the age of Gore-Tex and titanium." The cameras will be rolling this September in India, London, Cologne and South Tyrol, Italy.

Sheen has a regular job as the lead in US cable drama Masters Of Sex, and will next be seen on the big screen in Thomas Vinterberg's (The Hunt) Far From The Madding Crowd, which is out on 1 May. Macdonald was last seen in Anna Karenina (2012) and worked on HBO Prohibition drama Boardwalk Empire. Scott is part of the cast for the latest James Bond outing, SPECTRE, which is set for UK screens on 23 October before opening elsewhere in the world in 6 November. Everest itself will be the subject of a film, with the eponymous Baltasar Kormákur drama set to climb into cinemas on 2 October.

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