Friday, 24 April 2015

Carl Ellsworth set to write Gremlins remake

While a lot of fans of the original Gremlins films might want to add "don't ever try to remake the original" to the famous list of rules for care of Mogwai, Warner Bros, Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) and Chris Columbus (Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets) are nevertheless still pushing ahead with a reboot. Now news arrives via Deadline that Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye) is the latest writer to take a crack at the script.

Exactly what the studio wants from the new film is not yet clear, since it is still deep in development. But chances are there will be a new take on the first film's story – famously written by Columbus with Joe Dante marshalling the madness – set in a sleepy, quaint American everytown at Christmas that is thrown into chaos by the terrorising critters.

Spielberg (who produced the original) and Columbus are strictly on board as producers for now, and seem to have hired Ellsworth for his experience updating stories including The Last House On The Left (2009) and Red Dawn (2012). His most recent effort was the Goosebumps film, which is now not set to hit our shores until February next year.

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