Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Independence Day sequel finally greenlit

It's been vapourware. It's been through various stages of development. It's been two movies set to shoot back-to-back. It's seen writers come and go. And, most recently, it scored a 2016 release date recently. But even that wasn't enough to make 20th Century Fox officially hit the button on the Independence Day (1996) sequel. Now, though, news arrives via Deadline that the green light is finally flashing and cameras are set to start rolling in May.

Roland Emmerich, who has long been the champion of more alien invasion action, has surprisingly not already signed a deal to direct, but given what he's said about the film in the past months, that should be a mere formality. According to Deadline, the studio will start locking in a cast as soon as Emmerich is officially on board and it will only be a single film – the double-shot option is not going forward for now. Also not present? Will Smith, who has long since apparently passed on appearing. Could he be tempted to relent? It's not impossible, but for now don't count on Captain Steven Hiller showing up.

No mention is made of the plot but the script, currently credited to Carter Blanchard, will likely involve the alien race from the first film arriving at Earth somewhat angered over their comrades' defeat and humanity scrambling to make use of the technology it has managed to retro engineer from the creatures' ships.

Whatever happens, the film is scheduled to hit US cinemas on 24 June 2016, and will then arrive here on 1 July. Which arguably seems like an awfully tight schedule on which to make an effects heavy film...

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