Saturday, 6 December 2014

Summit targeting Tom Cruise for Highlander

Summit Entertainment's plans to mount a new version of action fantasy Highlander (1986) has certainly been through the development wringer, with multiple script drafts and several directors attached before dropping off. Now the studio is hoping to give the film a kick up the casting chain, eyeing Tom Cruise (Edge Of Tomorrow) to take over the mentor role originally played by Sean Connery.

Don't expect to see Cruise practising a Scottish brogue any time soon, though. According to The Wrap this is still merely wishful thinking on Summit's part, and Cruise is the sort of big name that everyone approaches first anyway.

Still, it could be an interesting development if he decides to sign on, guiding whoever takes over as main man Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert in the original films) through his battle to become the lone immortal stalking the Earth. Or whatever variant on the story current director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has come up with from the script by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway (Iron Man) and Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight). Cruise has recently been busy strapping himself to planes and other crazy stunts for Christopher McQuarrie's (Jack Reacher) Mission: Impossible 5 and has yet to settle on a new film, so we guess Highlander will just have to get in line.

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