Friday, 5 December 2014

Paul Greengrass attached to direct George Orwell's 1984

Given how paranoid many of us feel about mobile phone hacking, social media small print, government snooping, CCTV and drones, it seems like the perfect time for someone to mount a new, big budget cinematic take on George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984. Enter then Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips), who is attached to direct an adaption for Sony Pictures.

Orwell's book, first published in 1949, posited a fever dream of a society in constant war that kept changing history and turned its citizens into mindless drones, has never seemed more prescient. It's been adapted several times before, most notable in Michael Radford's 1984 outing, where John Hurt played Winston Smith, the man who decides to take a stand and is cruelly oppressed for his efforts.

Scott Rudin (No Country For Old Men) is producing the new version, and Finding Neverland stage show writer James Graham is aboard to work on the script. The film will be sitting on Greengrass' future slate for a while, though, as he has several projects in development and appears to be focusing on the new Bourne film with Matt Damon.

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