Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Interstellar online comic fills in some backstory

For those of you who have seen Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight Rises) Interstellar and emerged loaded with questions to keep you awake at night, you're in luck. Well, maybe not if you were hoping for some insight as to how the Earth became a Dust Bowl, but it does cover another key element of the plot that, suffice to say, heads into spoiler territory. Nolan has created a comic to fill in some backstory.

Again, we caution that we'll be lightly touching upon an element of the plot that occurs later on, so fire your emergency thrusters and rocket away from the page if you've yet to see the film.

For those who have gazed upon Nolan's latest science fiction epic, Interstellar eventually finds Matthew McConaughey's (Dallas Buyers Club) Cooper, Anne Hathaway's (Les Misérables) Brand and David Gyasi's (Cloud Atlas) Romily touching down on a frozen wasteland of a planet that one of the earlier, Project Lazarus mission astronauts nevertheless claims might be a viable new habitat for humanity. But when they awaken said space pioneer, Dr. Mann (Matt Damon) from his cryo-sleep, they soon discover that the not so glorious isolation has left his judgement severely impaired. In short, he's gone a little space crazy. The new comic, written by Nolan and drawn by Sean Gordon Murphy, fills in what happened to Mann after he landed on the frosty planet with robot companion KIPP.

Interstellar is in cinemas now and you can read our review right here.

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