Monday, 8 December 2014

First trailer and one sheet for Shaun The Sheep The Movie

StudioCanal have recently released their first full trailer and one sheet for Mark Burton and Richard Starzak's directorial debut Shaun The Sheep The Movie.

In this expanded adventure, Shaun and his pals decide to take the day off. That would be fine, except they don't bother to tell the farmer where they're going, causing no end of trouble and leading to the poor, put-upon bloke being carted off to the big city. Shaun and company must travel to the confusing, chaotic city and help him out.

Shaun and his farmyard friends are usually silent (except for the occasional bleat, bark or burp), so as you can tell from the trailer, this will be an exercise in Aardman Animations incredible talent for silent film comedy.

Mark Burton and Richard Starzak are the people responsible for marshaling the herd, working from their own script. We're promised the usual sheep-powered chaos plus a few new characters, including animal warden Trumper (featured prominently in this trailer), as well as Slip, an orphan dog who helps out our heroes.

Shaun The Sheep arrives in cinemas early next year.

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