Sunday, 7 December 2014

Brad Pitt set for Alpha

Following the success of Marc Forster's (Quantum Of Solace) World War Z last year, Brad Pitt has clearly been on the hunt for more literary sourced raw material for movies. News now arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that he is attached to produce Alpha, which Robopocalypse writer Daniel H. Wilson dreamt up and will develop into a script.

Lionsgate have come aboard to work on the film, which is largely being kept quiet. The Hollywood Reporter has heard that it's a science fiction tinged tale of survival in the mould of Jack London's The Call Of The Wild.

Anthony Scott Burns, who like several recent directors has won the job thanks to a couple of canny short films, is set to call the shots on the film once Wilson – who came up with the idea and will bypass the book stage this time – has written the screenplay. There's no indication as to whether Pitt wants to star in this one, though of course he has the option if he likes the result of Wilson's labours.

The writer will be hoping this one has a smoother development process than the adaptation of his Robopocalypse novel, which seemed destined for the screen via Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) before the director pulled the brakes for script rewrites and has since been distracted by other projects.

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