Sunday, 30 November 2014

First trailer for The Cobbler arrives online

Voltage Pictures have recently released their first trailer for Thomas McCarthy's (Win Win) The Cobbler.

The idea of Adam Sandler becoming other people when he wears their shoes, puts you in mind of his high concept comedies such as Click (2006). But The Cobbler is from the co-writing keyboard and megaphone of McCarthy, so expect something a little more subdued.

Still, on the basis of this, The Cobbler certainly isn't afraid to go to some wacky places, with Sandler's Max Simkin, a fourth-generation shoe repair expert, discovering a seemingly magical machine in the back of his father's shop that allows him to take on the form of others. Seeing a chance to experience a world that is largely passing him by as he works at a declining business, he's soon experiencing life as a dashing dude (Dan Stevens) with a beautiful girlfriend, a criminal (Method Man) and, from the looks of this, even his father (Dustin Hoffman). Can life lessons be far behind?

The Cobbler got a nailing from reviewers at the Toronto Film Festival, so we're a little concerned that this might not be quite on the same level as previous McCarthy efforts such as The Station Agent (2003) or Win Win (2011). We'll get a chance to see when the film lands in the UK on 10 April.

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