Sunday, 30 November 2014

Aaron Guzikowski hired for Universal Pictures' The Wolfman

Writing teams, it would appear, are the new big idea for shared universe films, given the successes of Marvel's creative board for its movies and the auspicious work of Walt Disney Animation Studios/Pixar's 'brain trusts'. Universal Pictures wants in on that action, hiring Prisoners' (2013) Aaron Guzikowski and Fargo TV adaptation man Noah Hawley to work on its monster movie films.

They join Ed Solomon (Now You See Me), who will be working alongside chief creative bods Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious 6) on developing a linked series bringing classic Universal creatures such as The Mummy and The Wolfman back to life on screen.

The plan is for the writers to work together developing the movies, pitching in ideas and helping with problems before splitting off to write the scripts separately, and then meeting back up to discuss them. Kurtzman is already at work on the Mummy film, which he'll also direct for 24 June 2016. Guzikowski, who also worked on Contraband (2012), is apparently tasked with writing a new Wolfman. There's no specific date for the film yet, though Universal has staked out 21 April 2017 for the second entry in the new rebooted series, so that's a likely slot.

Hawley, who successfully brought Fargo to small screens this year, has a mostly series based CV with shows including Bones and The Unusuals in his back catalogue, though his experience with TV (alongside Kurtzman's training) should help him fit in easily.

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