Friday, 31 October 2014

Warner Bros set for I Am Legend reboot

In the years since the disappointing post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Legend (2007), Warner Bros have been trying to find a way to fashion a franchise from the film. They have, over the years, considered a potential prequel and a seemingly impossible sequel. Now, though, it appears the studio is ready to abandon finding a way for Will Smith to return and has come up with a plan to craft a fresh reboot.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros have retrieved Gary Graham's spec script A Garden At The End Of The World from storage, where it has been sitting since the company bought it back in April. Graham, an Apple store worker turned scriptwriter, concocted what was at the time described as a science fiction take on The Searchers (1956), which apparently contains enough similarities to Richard Matheson's original I Am Legend story that the studio has now engaged him to re-work the screenplay. It will become a new take on the tale of scientist Robert Neville and his fight to survive in a world where a virus has killed most of humanity and turned a small number of survivors into, essentially, vampires.

The advantage of rebooting the concept means that essentially there is no need to consider Smith's participation, plus continuing sequels can flow happily provided that no-one decides to follow the route of the 2007 film and kill off Neville. Although of course if he lives, you move ever further away from Matheson's original.

Given the chequered history of attempts to keep the Legend machine rolling, we'll have wait and see if this latest effort pans out. As always, watch this space.

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