Monday, 15 September 2014

New red band trailer for ABCs Of Death 2 arrives online

Monster Pictures have just released their latest red band trailer for horror anthology ABCs Of Death 2.

Two years on from the first anthology, ABCs Of Death 2 is almost upon us, delivering another 26 international horror shorts in time for Halloween. If you saw the original ABCs Of Death (2012) then you'll certain know what to expect, but in case you missed it, this latest red band trailer provides a gleefully nasty and unsafe for work taste of what's in store this time around.

As before, the directors were randomly assigned their letter and given free reign to decide what word it stood for and what their film should be (providing it involved death in some way). The above reveals an eclectic mix of kids' fantasy adventure, botched beheading, hiking accidents, Russian Roulette, zombies, monstrous burgers, stop-motion animation, urban myth and Julian Barratt (A Field In England).

Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABCs Of Death 2 promises to deliver another global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking.

Directors this time include E.L. Katz (Cheap Thrills), Alexandre Bustillo (Inside), Alejandro Brugués (Juan Of The Dead), Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (Big Bad Wolves), Juan Martínez Moreno (Lobos De Arga), Vincenzo Natali (Splice), Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary) and Julian Barratt, perhaps best known as Howard Moon in hit comedy series The Mighty Boosh.

We don't have a release date in the UK as yet, but it will be out in the US on 31 October.

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