Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New DC domain names suggest potential future film slates

Spotting newly registered internet domain names has been a useful film fan sport for a while, giving strong indicators of what studios are up to way before official announcements are made. It's how many first discovered Skyfall (2012) was called Skyfall, for example, and it may just have revealed DC/Warner Bros' immediate future in comicbook movies.

Four domains have just arrived online, all of which currently forward to the main Warner Bros website: justiceleaguefilm.com, wonderwomanthemovie.com, shazammovie.com and, perhaps most interestingly, aquamanmovie.com.

There aren't many real surprises there, admittedly, but the list does reveal some intriguing information that DC chose not to trumpet at this years Comic Con, preferring instead to concentrate on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the reveal of Gal Gadot's (Fast & Furious 6) Wonder Woman costume.

Not long before Comic Con, former Deadline journalist Nikki Finke published an apparent DC movie slate list for the next few years, that has remained in the rumour file and still not been officially confirmed. But several of the new domain names do back up Finke's list, including the first mention of a Shazam! film. While today's intel strongly suggests that she was on the money (as did Dwayne Johnson's reveal last month that he's been in talks for Shazam!, either to play the title character or bad guy Black Adam), there was no mention of a standalone Aquaman outing. With Jason Momoa (Conan The Barbarian) set to play Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, there is already internet chatter of solo film for him.

Dawn Of Justice, we know, will be with us on 25 March 2016. DC/Warner Bros have also publicised a further nine release slots, but not the film titles that will be inhabiting them. We can currently expect Justice League related movies on 8 August 2016, 23 June 2017, 17 November 2017, 23 March 2018, 27 July 2018, 5 April 5 2019, 14 June 2019, 3 April 2020 and 19 June 2020.

Have the first four of those names just been pencilled in? As always, watch this space.

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