Saturday, 27 September 2014

Liam Neeson in talks to Tell No One

Liam Neeson (Taken) has a new mission, to blend his action man successes with slightly deeper dramatic roles in the style of this years A Walk Among The Tombstones. According to Deadline, A Walk Among The Tombstones studio Universal Pictures is looking to land him as the lead in book adaptation Tell No One.

Harlan Coben's novel follows a doctor whose wife vanishes when they're on a romantic outing at a lake. He tries to find her, but is badly beaten, and when she turns up murdered the hubby becomes the prime suspect. Soon, however, suspicion points instead to a serial killer's work. And after a few years pass, the man suddenly receives information that his wife may not be dead at all...

The tome has been in development in the US for years, and came close in 2002 before plunging back into development hell. French actor/writer/director Guillame Canet (Little White Lies) found French cinema success with the story in 2007, and since then it's been back floating around Hollywood, with Argo's (2012) Chris Terrio writing a draft of the script and that film's director, Ben Affleck considering it in 2011. Since then, the project landed with Gavin O'Connor (Warrior), who may end up making it.

According to Deadline, Neeson is waiting to see a revised script before he commits. A Walk Among The Tombstones is out now.

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