Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chan-wook Park finds Fingersmith

Following his English language debut with the quietly creepy Stoker (2013), Chan-wook Park as finally settled on a follow-up. With several projects already in development, the director has recently confirmed that he will next adapt Sarah Waters' best-selling 2002 historical novel Fingersmith.

Waters' book, brought to TV screens in a BBC miniseries in 2005, follows a young orphan woman raised as a thief who is hired to work for and potentially help con a naive young noblewoman. But a much stronger bond develops between the pair.

While the original novel is set in Victorian London, Park's version will switch the setting to Korea under Japanese rule. Currently, the film is called Agashi in Korean, which phonetically translates to "young lady". An English title will follow later. Park is currently looking for two lead actresses and aims to kick off shooting early next year.

This new development means that other movies he had been considering, including The Brigands Of Rattleborge and The Ax, will have to wait a little longer for their chance to reach the screen.

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